Mark My Mile!

Good Morning! This is my first “official” post of my blog and I am so excited to get writing…

I write on a regular basis about my life, family and running…in my journal but thought, “Why not just start a blog on it and join the others who do the same???” So here I am.

This morning started off with my newest obsession of Egg Nog + Coffee. Egg Nog was never a favorite of mine, but when I realized we ran out of coffee creamer (milk is not creamy enough for me), egg nog saved me from a full-blown panic attack.

After working a few hours from home, I decided it was time to head over to the treadmill to test out a new running “assignment” emailed to me last night from an amazing runner friend. Her challenge for me?

Hold a challenging pace for 30 minutes. This was humbling to say the least. Prior to giving birth to “The love of my life” this was an easy run. But now (blame it on the changed body of being a mom) but speed has not been my biggest strength. this is OKAY because I Can Do Hard Things! I love myself, a challenge.

Moving on to post run, when I slacked off and didn’t properly stretch or cool down (don’t take notes from me as to being  a poster child for proper cool downs) I quickly showered, leaving no time to blow dry my hair and stepped out into the frigid temps, giving myself a full on “brain freeze” but minus the yummy slurpee that is often  the culprit for such brain freeze and returned to work.


Will report later on some big news in my world of running…so come back…yes, this is a ploy to have you return to this extremely NEW, little blog of mine.

Until then, have an amazing Tuesday and Happy Running!

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