Flying by the seat of my pants…literally.

Good Morning and Happy Friday! I am writing from the comfort of my kitchen table but will keep this short and sweet because I have spontaneously purchased a plane ticket to visit my family in Florida for the weekend. A very sad event happened to my twin sister this past week and I am going to hug her, love her, and support her in all the ways I know how. Sorry to be so vague about the details, but I am choosing to be to protect the privacy of my family as they go through this difficult time. I hope you understand.

Thank you Julie for your post this week on packing everything I need in my carry on! Putting your post to good use this morning as I frantically quickly pack before heading out into the rain to catch my plane! (Oh boy, you caught me…I did just write a catchy rhyme right there, without even trying. You notice these things as a mother because you find yourself creating songs as you sing your way through the day, to your little one). Any other mothers out there do the same????

I will be back once I get to the gate and have my cup of coffee to properly form my thoughts for a Fun Facts Friday Post. (Yes, I too am skeptical, after reading the above sentence…realizing that I will be driving through the rain prior to my morning coffee).


Have a great morning and I will talk to you soon!

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