Idolizing my coffee

Last night’s dinner went well. I managed to satisfy both picky and non-picky eaters with the recommended meal. Thank you for your help. Dinner and dessert were a success.

This morning we went to church. Loved it! Note to self: After replacing my broken coffee maker, I will need to find a good church in my new town. (Yes, following in this order. Judge me all you want on my idolization of coffee).

After church, we were dropped off at the airport and then I got ready to watch some football. I may not play football, but I do enjoy watching the game. ESPECIALLY, when it includes pizza…airport food is way overpriced, agree?

Because attention span is a bit chaotic, I managed to blog as I wait for us to board the plane. My little helper is the best, this is his second plane ride and he is doing so well!

Tonight, I am going to take some time to prepare my training for the week ahead, so I can get some miles in before the marathon next month. AND I have a race on Saturday! My first 20k. Looking forward to racing a new distance.

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. See you in the morning!

What NFL team is your favorite?

Have you ever raced a 20K?

2 thoughts on “Idolizing my coffee

  1. Hope the race went well!! I think a 20K sounds like the perfect distance for me, but I haven’t done one. I need to add it to the list for this year

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