YOU and I can win Big!

Good morning my friends! Today, life is beginning to resume to normal operating. Work is happening today but the snow has decided to stick around…meaning no track workout tonight due to a snow covered track. However, I do hope to join my running club for some ice skating and drinks tomorrow night if I can find a babysitter! (Hint to his dad…if you’re reading).

Now on to my run for today…I had big plans to do a track workout and with the snow and cold, I’m not sure what I should do instead. I could use your help! Send me some ideas and motivation to get my run in after work please : )

Today, I am asking a lot from you guys but I need your help! Don’t worry, you can also win BIG (if I win). Here’s how…I entered a contest by ZOOMA to win an entry for Me and a reader (YOU) to their Napa Race! The credentials include being  an “inspirational blogger” (I hope I inspire you guys) and living a healthy lifestyle (for me, this includes sweets!)

One of my dreams is to run a race on the West Coast with YOU I would really appreciate it if you were able to vote for me.  You can vote every day and make it one more thing to check off your “Daily To-Do List”!

Thank you again for your support throughout my running and blogging journey.  I’ll probably be posting this daily because you can vote daily, just a head’s up, in case you want to avoid my blog  until the voting closes ; )

What can I do instead of hitting the track tonight? Hit the carton of ice cream in the freezer?

Have you ever run a Zooma race? Let’s do one together!!!

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6 thoughts on “YOU and I can win Big!

  1. Haha I love how big your sweet tooth is:) I feel your pain! Good luck in the Zooma contest! Napa would be a BEAUTIFUL race location!! And I like to do sprints or weights to change up my workouts:)

    • beyouatbeme says:

      I am so glad you support my sweet tooth, it is hard to find sometimes in this “healthy living” blog world. YOU can possibly come too if I win : )
      Thank you for the ideas, I will try weights tonight!!!!

  2. olivetorun says:

    The Zooma race I did in FL last weekend was definitely worth it. Good luck!!:)

  3. I do intervals on the treadmill instead of track workouts. 10 minute warmup and then 2 minutes on with a 2 minute rest period for however long the workout called for. Sometimes I alternate the 2 minutes on between hills and sprints. Just a fun way to mix it up!!

    Good luck with the Zooma contest! Napa would be amazing.

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