Friday confessions #3-Family Portrait

Good Morning my friends! It is time for another Friday Confessions post.

Yesterday came and went…no time to post (or do anything else for that matter). The little man is teething and needing LOTS of snuggle time, to get through it (Tylenol is also our saviour).


This is also another saviour of mine. If it looks like a child’s sippy cup, it is not (Although, it wouldn’t hurt for a klutz like me to drink from one). I found this cup to be appropriate for this season of my life…ultimate rejection  job searching. If it looks as though my milk is brown, it is and I cannot explain why…

My newest budgeting tip: Make your own lattes instead of dishing out $4 to the nearest barista.


I use the boring Folgers and add a few scoops of the fancy flavored stuff (helps save money). I registered for a milk frother for my wedding (as well as a cheese dome) and it was well worth it. I use it daily and love the milk mustache it creates.

AND another fun way to start the day…smile

Now moving out of the kitchen and into the car…down the road…park…and enter…targetDarn you Target, you not only had my identity stolen but you still get me with these ploys…“Must practice self control, walk away NOW”.

And to leave you with an idea on how we spend our a random evening at home, I leave with you a family portrait (Yes, the dog is a bit unfond of the baby being held by “mommy”).

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Have a great Friday my friends!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Friday confessions #3-Family Portrait

  1. Presley says:

    Waffles and a banana smile? Best morning ever!

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